Moshin Dharas

"Passed first time! Manuel - thank you very much for your highly commendable experience, knowledge, patience and skills. I have had bad experience with previous instructors who just take money and not being attentive in teaching driving skills.
Manuel is;  very friendly, honest reliable and thorough in his approach. Each lesson I was taught by him was always productive and remained focused during my lessons.
With Manuel's inter-personal skills and practical knowledge - I was able to engage in my learning and build-up my confidence.
Passing my driving for the first time, gives freedom and independence and more ever, provides a high employability status as many working environments require you to have a full driving licence.
Manuel's intensive instructions allowed me to become a confident driver. Every lesson has been positive, which is true to say - I have achieved and reached my goal and potential with his guidance.
Keep up the good work Manuel - I am a very proud driver thanks to the professionalism of Bloom Driving School.
Prospective learners, if you want to learn and pass - this is the school for you! 

Thomas Eaton

"Had great a experience with Manuel best instructor I've had. His ability to transfer his knowledge to you is outstanding. His attitude is brilliant fills you with confidence, gets you to highlight where you need work on. Best part of learning to drive with Manuel every lesson I was able to decide what I would like to improve on spend the lesson driving or just maneuvering. Every lesson you come out feeling much better than when you went in!

Cretu Radu

"Manuel is a good instructor, he helped me pass with ease and he is a friendly guy so learning to drive was a good experience. Would recommend taking at least one test lesson with him."


Sakib Sheikh

"Had bad experience with my previous instructor.

Then I found Manuel, from Bloom Driving School.

Absolutely great instructor! He guides you through your basics and brings you up to speed very quickly. He is reliable and very friendly. He will take you to your exam as soon as you are ready, unlike others who will ask you to get more and more lessons. He wants you to pass, not get more money out of you. Rates for lessons are also cheap for the area.

I passed first time with him."


"I came to Manuel having failed twice a few years previously, and within a matter of a few months passed with only 5 minors! That was a pretty significant result given my very poor, past performances. Manuel is a very personable character and doesn’t deride, or patronise, when giving instructions and feedback. Booking and changing appointments was always hassle free. I would strongly recommend you give Manuel a go!"



"I recently passed my test first time with only two minor faults. This has been thanks to Manuel, who is an excellent instructor that pays attention to the smallest of details, giving you useful advice to improve your driving. He always acts professionally yet manages to have an original sense of humour that puts you at ease and helps you relax. His experience means that his lessons are always informative and relevant to your learning. I'm more than happy to recommend Manuel to anybody wishing to learn how to drive properly and pass the test with flying colours."



"Being taught by Manuel has been terrific. I have enjoyed every minute of it. His knowledge of different driving techniques is astonishing; you can definitely tell that he has experience in the field. In addition, when he was answering questions or describing how to perform manoeuvres I always got the sense of his confidence and that he undoubtedly knows what he is talking about. Manuel's teaching helped me learn how to drive in record time. I felt I was improving and learning new things every single lesson. He gave me the confidence I needed to take on the practical driving test and pass! I couldn't recommend him strongly enough; not only to new drivers who are looking to acquire new skills but also to drivers simply looking to improve on the skills they already have. As a person Manuel is very friendly and outgoing. I have also found him to be honest, reliable and thorough in everything he does. In addition, he seems very committed to his work and looking after his students to make sure they get the best out of each lesson. I managed to pick up on this as I observed him teach a friend of mine. I will undoubtedly have no hesitation in recommending Manuel to anyone both as a trustworthy individual and as a skilful driving instructor. If you wish to discuss any element of this recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask Manuel for my telephone number." 



"I had a driving instructor previous to Manuel, who had a completely different outlook on how to teach learner drivers and this had left me feeling unstable and a unconfident in my driving abilities. As soon as Manuel was recommended to me I started taking lessons with a teacher who was encouraging, positive and incredibly patient! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and would strongly recommend him to any learner driver. I will continue to pass on his details to anyone I know who is considering learning!" 



"I was nervous about driving for the first time, but Manuel was a great instructor and made me feel really confident. He was clear about how I could improve my driving and did everything he could to prepare me for the test. In the end I passed first time! As an instructor he was great, and we had a laugh as well. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks again for the lessons. Feels great to have passed!" 


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