Pupils Guide

Are you new to driving and a little unsure on what to expect? Well, we have created a short guide on what you need to do and what to expect.

Don't worry, if you choose Bloom Driving School you are in safe hands! 

Pupils Guide - Point 1 - Bloom Driving School

To learn to drive you need to be 17 years old or older. It is illegal to drive in the UK under the age of 17. Sounds obvious statement but we like to cover all the basics. 

Pupils Guide - Point 2 - Bloom Driving School

Ensure you can read a standard car number plate at 20.5 metres. If not, please have an eye test as you may well need glasses which you will need to drive. You will be required to read a number plate from 20.5 metres in your test, so best to get your eyes tested before you jump into the driving seat. 

Pupils Guide - Point 3 - Bloom Driving School

Apply for a provisional licence. Please do not apply through a 3rd party, at best it costs more or at worst it might be a scam. Always apply through the UK Goverment website. Here is the link https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence. As you will read you will need to provide proof of address, national insurance number and an identity document. The cost is either £34 if you pay online or £43 if you pay by post. You pay direct to the government. All being well your provisional driving licence will be sent to you within a week. You will need to bring this with you to all your lessons. 

Pupils Guide - Point 4 - Bloom Driving School

Book Lessons! Sounds obvious, but ensuring you have regular weekly lessons booked is key to passing as quickly as possible. Taking time out, or breaks, means you are more likely to forget your practical and theory skills and will mean spending on more lessons to refresh your knowledge and skills. So we always recommend that you allocate a time in your life where you can dedicate a period of time to learning and practising. The average person takes 30-40 hours of lessons, before being put forward for a test. 

Pupils Guide - Point 5 - Bloom Driving School

Book your theory test (lasts for 2 years). We also recommend that as soon as you start learning to drive, you dedicate a few hours of study every week on your theory test. Please note: You do not need to pass your theory test to learn to drive. When you feel you are ready to take the theory test, speak to your driving instructor, as they can provide guidance on when to take the test and what materials you can buy to help you study for the test. Please only book your theory test via the UK goverment website https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test.

Pupils Guide - Point 6 - Bloom Driving School

Once you have passed your theory test and your driving instructor is confident you will pass a driving test, they will book you in for a test at your nearest test centre. You can take your driving test in any vehicle, but we recommend you use your driving instructors car, as you will be familiar with the layout. Your driving instructor will also drive you to and from your test. The test itself will last approximately 40-45 minutes.

Congratulations you have passed! 

That's it, now you have passed both your theory and practical driving tests, you are now ready to take to the roads on your own and experience the freedom and liberation driving a car brings. 


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