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You learn to drive in a brand new Toyota Yaris with a manual gear box.


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Bloom Driving School has ADI approved driving instructors teaching pupils in Market Harborough, in Leicestershire. If you live or work in Market Harborough, or the surrounding areas, and want to learn to drive, with a friendly driving school with high pass rates, please give us a call first.

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Driving Lessons in Market Harborough

Please note that we only teach in MANUAL cars.

Did you know that...

Star Wars Actor

... the bounty hunter 'Boba Fett' from the original Star Wars Trilogy, was played by Jeremy Bulloch, who was born in Market Harborough.

Famous Companies

..a 32 year old Thomas Cook, a cabinet maker in Market Harborough, walked to Leicester and had the idea of using the railways to allow people to travel. 

Iron Age Treasure

...Market Harborough Museum is home to the 'Hallaton Treasure'. A collection of 5,000 coins, mysterious offerings and 1st century Roman helmet. 

3 random facts about Driving tests

Compulsory Tests

It wasn't until June 1935 that driving tests for a licence where made compulsory, but in 1939 tests were suspended for the duration of WWII. As all the examiners were given the roles of traffic duties and monitoring fuel rationing.

First Driving Licence

Back in 1903, you didn't have to pass a test to drive, you just have to pay 5 shillings for the licence, a document that identified the driver to their vehicle. 

Driving Test Suspended

For the second time since compulsory driving tests were introduced, they were suspended in 1956 during the Suez Canal crisis. Learners were allowed to drive unaccompanied!