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Driving Lessons in Kettering


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You learn to drive in a brand new Toyota Yaris with a manual gear box.


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Bloom Driving School has ADI approved driving instructors teaching pupils in Kettering, in Northamptonshire. If you live or work in Kettering, or the surrounding areas, and want to learn to drive, with a friendly driving school with high pass rates, please give us a call .

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Our hourly and block booking prices are highly competitive for Kettering and we have over 17 years of experience to ensure you pass quickly and first time. 

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Why not sample our driving lesson skills, with your first lesson 1 hour lesson only £10 with no further commitment. However we are confident after your first hour, you will want to book further lessons where you can save by block booking. 

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Driving Lessons in Kettering

Did you know that

Boots & Shoes

... in the 19th Century Kettering town grew due to the boot and shoe industry. Northamptonshire became well known for the shoe industry. 

Famous Face

... Hugh Dennis, the Comedian well known as the father in the TV show 'Outnumbered' was born in Kettering. 

Famous Author

... H.E Bates, the famous author, was born in Rushden and went to Kettering Grammar School. He wrote the books 'Darling Buds of May' which was turned into a hit TV serious in the early 1990's

3 Random Facts About Driving Tests

Arm Signals

In May 1975 students no longer had to demonstrate arm signals in their driving test.

Theory Test

It wasn't until 1996 that a separate written theory test is introduced. Students have to pass this test before taking the practical test. It replaced questions asked about the Highway Code during the practical test. 

First Ever Driving Licence

The first ever driving licence was introduced back in 1903, you didn't have to pass a test to drive, you just have to pay 5 shillings for the licence, a document that identified the driver to their vehicle.